Plastic Solutions Box In Stock Now

Learn about plastic solutions and sustainable alternatives. This is a reusable products demonstration kit, a great tool for a having a plastic free alternatives party or conversation with friends. 

Contents  3x Beeswax Wraps  1x Straw kit – 2 bamboo, 1 metal, 1 cleaner   3x reusable grocery bag  1x Keep cup  1x Yoghurt food container  1x Drink bottle   1x Newspaper  1x Loofah Sponge   3x Makeup Sponge   3x Bamboo toothbrush and 1x plastic toothbrush  1x Yoobi pencil  1x Natural Floss  1x Deodorant  1x Brush  1x Shampoo Bar  1x Skin Clay bar  1x Soap Nuts  1x Soap Bar  1x Cutlery set  1x Tea Leaf Strainer  3x Signs  1x Packing List